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Piercing Under-16s

Childrens piercings are one of the most rewarding things that we offer here at Rogue. We think almost every person in the UK has had a negative experience with piercings they received as kids, so to be able to change that narrative and provide safe, hygienic piercings to under-16s is incredibly gratifying.

Our age policies allow us to perform childrens piercings pierce earlobes from the age of 8. We feel this is a great age to begin to pierce from as older kids are more aware of the process, more easily educated on proper care, and are often genuinely excited about the process! You can read our full age policies here. We require photographic ID for both the parent and child to prove legal guardianship. This is not a policy we will bend, so please arrive prepared to your appointment!

We do not, and never will use, a piercing gun. We use sterile, single-use blade needles for each and every piercing. Piercing guns are unhygienic and cause excessive trauma to the lobe. You often also end up with wonky piercings that are incredibly difficult to heal! You can read more about piercing guns here.

Is your child ready?

Childrens piercing poses a few technical challenges. Firstly we want to make sure your child is absolutely ready for the responsibility involved with getting piercings. This is a permanent change to your child and so we do like for the parent to pop in and allow their child to ask any questions they might have in order to make them more confident and comfortable in the process! Parents are always welcome to send us emails, or book consultations with us if they feel they need to.

It is worth asking your child a few questions to gauge if they are ready.

  1. Do you want your ears pierced? – This may be an obvious question, but a child who is not 100% sure they want the piercing is less likely to invest the care and attention required to heal them.
  2. Do you know this process might hurt? – This is often the bit that is tricky to talk about. No piercing is totally pain free, so it is worth talking to your child about how it might feel a little pinchy.
  3. Do you know that piercings require daily cleaning? – You will need to talk to your child about the commitment of twice daily cleaning. Depending on the age of your child, you may also need to commit to helping your child clean their piercings!
  4. Do you know that it takes about 6 months to heal? – Older children over the age of 8 are often a lot more prepared to take care of their piercings and invest the time and effort into healing them. Patience is required, and your child needs to know that these piercings will not heal overnight!

It’s so important for us to introduce children to the concept of bodily autonomy and consent at a really early age. Even if you are sure your child is ready for a piercing, the final decision is up to your child. If at any point they say no, or express that they don’t want to continue, we will stop. If this means that at your childrens piercings appointment they decide not to go ahead, we will 100% respect their choice.


We stock a huge range of jewellery, however our Titanium ranges are incredibly popular with younger people for childrens piercing! Our most popular items are the Neometal Prong-Set Swarovskis and synthetic Opal Cabochons. These items are high-quality, implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium pieces set with genuine Swarovski stones that come in a myriad of different colours and sizes- Something for everyone! They can also be anodised, where we change the colour of the Titanium to make something totally unique! We do offer jewellery to every budget.

Often metal sensitivities are a common issue brought to us – Both ASTM F-136 Titanium and solid 14k/18k Gold are totally safe to wear permanently. You can read more about implant standards here, and how to spot quality jewellery here.

Our Neometal Opals are so colourful! We have so many to choose from in many different colours.

Healing Times

4 Weeks: 4 weeks after getting the piercings, we recommend you book a free 10 minute checkup so that we can evaluate how your child is healing, and potentially downsize the length of the jewellery once any swelling has diminished. You need to book this online through our website, and can select any time that suits you!

3 Months: After 3 months/12 weeks, the piercings are considered half-way healed. At this point you have the option to gently begin changing the jewellery out at home. This is not considered a full heal as the inside of the piercing channel can still be quite fragile at this point. Any piercer who promises fully healed piercings after 6 weeks is simply not being accurate – Read more on that here.

6 Months: Lobe piercings are fully healed after 6 months – This allows plenty of time for the inside of the piercing channel to heal and strengthen into normal tissue.

So there you have it – An introduction to childrens piercings! If you would like to know more, or see more of our jewellery in action, then head to our instagram. We aim for this to be a relaxed and comfortable experience for your child, and do everything in our power to make sure your child has the best possible experience. Good piercings last a lifetime.

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