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2023 – Recap!

It is officially June, which means we are officially halfway through the year! It won’t be too long before halloween and Christmas come sneaking around that corner to suprise us. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets have a little look at some of the amazing things the members of Rogue have done this year.

Aiden, is of course, our Rogues longest standing member of staff, mainly becuase he is the owner and runs the show, and we wouldn’t be here without him. It’s been a busy year for him, between mentoring Jay and Gemma and teaching them all the new practices, aswell as running new events, travelling Europe and planning for this years confernces tto both attend and teach, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t stopped. However, during all of this time, he has produced some beautiful piercings.

Kat, our manager and jewellery specialist, has had a hard job this year. With BVLA’s wait times slowly reducing, and all of our jewellery orders arriving within such close proximity of each together, they have done nothing but work hard at fulfilling custom orders, and decorating our displays and cabinets, and keeping the studio as tidy and as spectacular as it is! They’re also planning to teach two classes this year at the UKAPP conference in September, alongside studying their masters and sitting exams. Kat also got the brilliant news that they were accepted for a scholarship by Lynn Loheide for the APP conference in Vegas, in which they will be travelling our and fulfilling in 2024! As always Kat has helped clients choose some of the most stunning pieces of jewellery for their custom set ups.

Breo has had such a fun year. From heavy genital work, to large gauge piercings, and all the fun and crazy custom scaffolds and anodising, Breo has truly been the wizard of Rogue in 2023. From piercing to piercing he has continued to surprise us and showcase his skills and knowledge. Breo has also got to do his own bit of travelling to Madrid for the Spanish APPE. He is also joining the teacher group this year at UKAPP as he is working on teaching his first ever class! We’re so excited.

Let’s talk about Gemma! The junior piercer of Rogue who joined us nearly 18 months ago, who has continued to prove her worth and skills to us time after time. Following in Aiden’s footsteps, she also is off on her travels next week, to Vegas! Gemma got awarded the legacy scholarship to the officicial APP conference in Las Vegas! During her time there she will help volunteer, attend parties, learn all the new things, and hopefully treat herself to something shiny. This year Gemma has been working on genital piercings, from the most common to some that we only see once a century (an exaggeration of course, but still incredibly rare to perform). She has done more and more large gauge work. Now while I can’t post a lot of Gemma’s incredible work here, I can showcase some!

And Jay, our apprentice, has been absolutely smashing her apprentice work this year. They are officially ticking off piercing ater piercing during their apprenticeship and producing some amazing work. They’ve also started working closely with clients to create long term projects and curations. Jay also got an exciting invitation from Claudia at Inari Organics, who offered Jay a temporary role to help assist as a jewellery vendor at the 2023 Manchester Trade Show. As Jay creeps closer to the final year of their apprenticeship, their skills only grow.

Theres only 6 more months left of 2023, including more conferences, more travelling, more piercings, and more opportunities. Follow along with us for another exciting and fun-filled 6 months!

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