Rogue Piercing was founded in 2019 by our studio owner Aiden, with the aim to provide excellent piercings of all kinds using the highest possible quality jewellery, tools and techniques. Our studio has a combined piercing experience of over 30 years, so you are in the safest of hands.

Our studio environment aims to provide a light, airy and calm atmosphere that is not intimidating or scary!

We meet and exceed UK Association of Professional Piercer environmental standards, providing the highest standards of safety, hygiene and quality in every area.


Do I need an appointment?

We highly recommend booking an appointment for any piercing or checkup services. We do offer walk-in appointments depending on our availability at that specific time. We strongly recommend booking an appointment for weekends as we are often fully booked.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Rogue Piercing is fully wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair access is available to both the entrance, every piercing room and the lobby. Please note we do not have a wheelchair accessible toilet as we are based inside a Grade 2 listed building and cannot make adjustments to the existing architecture.

Are you Neurodivergent accessible?

Absolutely! Our aim is to be accessible to every single person. Rogue has multiple neurodivergent staff members, so we know how important it is to be welcoming and accessible. Please contact us in advance of your booking if you have any special requests, including us removing ambient music or any other reasonable adjustments. We recommend booking for Sunday or Monday appointments if you specifically need a quiet studio with no other clients.

I have a service animal. Can I bring them to my appointment?

Yes. Service animals registered via the 2010 Equality Act are absolutely allowed to assist their owner during their visit to Rogue. Please note that all service/assistance animals such as guide dogs or mobility assistance animals must be registered and paperwork needs to be provided. As we need to maintain an incredibly hygienic environment, unregistered animals are not permitted. Emotional support animals are not permitted.

We recommend contacting us in advance of your appointment so that we can make reasonable adjustments to our service, which may include booking your appointment to the start or end of the day to allow us to fully decontaminate afterwards to remove dander, fluids and dirt.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to be left unattended at our studio. Please note that while you are getting a piercing, you cannot safely look after your child at the same time, so childcare should be organised.

Can I bring my own jewellery to be pierced with?

We do not use externally sourced jewellery for any piercing under any circumstances. We offer jewellery that meets the utmost highest standards of quality, with a proven implant-grade status. We cannot verify the safety of any other jewellery. Piercing with unverified, externally sourced jewellery voids our insurance policies and UKAPP membership.

Can I be pierced whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not pierce clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to both our insurance policies, and the potential risk of harm to your child.

Do you offer intimate (genital) piercings?

Yes! We are a genital piercing specialist studio and offer a wide variety of intimate piercings both standard and ‘unusual.’ We have an entire page covering intimate piercings in depth. We offer intimate work to clients strictly over the age of 18. We pierce all genders, including those undergoing HRT or having received gender confirming surgeries. All intimate piercings require an in-person consultation beforehand which can be booked on our website!