Infinite Threaded Straight Barbell Shaft


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Hand-polished high-shine 14g Threaded Barbells shafts.

SHAFT ONLY. Balls not included.

Internally 14g threaded, available in a variety of lengths.

ASTM F-136 Titanium.

Suitable for use in scaffold, nipple, cheek, bridge and other 14g threaded straight barbell placements.

Manufactured in Canada.

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14g 3/8" 10mm, 14g 7/16" 11mm, 14g 1/2" 12mm, 14g 9/16" 14mm, 14g 5/8" 16mm, 14g 11/16" (17.5mm), 14g 3/4" 19mm, 14g 13/16" (20mm), 14g 7/8" 22mm, 14g 1 1/8" 29mm, 14g 1 3/16" 30mm, 14g 1 1/4" 32mm, 14g 1 5/16" 34mm, 14g 1 7/16" 36.5mm