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Queen of the Ashes

Eridos, the apple of discord – according to Greek legend (well, and of course Discordian belief) a golden apple, designated to "the most beautiful", which lead to a fight between the goddesses and ultimately the Trojan War. Of course, the mythical apple was not a tropical fruit, but everything evolves – and what is a bigger source of discord, at least when it comes to the culinary world, than the question if Pineapples belong on pizza and other savory foods?

The design was conceptualized and created by Annanas & Dido Walstra of Pirate Piercing Belgium.

  • Sold as a pair. Only available in yellow brass
  • Wearable: 7 mm
  • Measurements: 38 mm x 18 mm
  • Weight: 35,7 gram per piece

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