Rogue Piercing – Terms and Conditions

Appointment Terms and Conditions

  • All piercing fees are paid online before your appointment. The piercing fee is not a deposit and is not refundable. This fee covers not only the piercing but also the time slot you have booked.
  • Jewellery is not included in the piercing fee. All jewellery is sold separately and is paid for at the time of the appointment. Rogue does not take any responsibility for appointments cancelled due to the client being unaware of this fact.
  • All clients must bring photographic ID to every appointment. Appointments booked for children under 16 require valid government-issued photo ID for both the child and the parent or legal guardian that is attending the appointment. For more details read our age policy. Failure to bring photographic ID to your appointment will lead to a refusal of service and your piercing fee will be retained.
  • Your piercing fee will be retained by Rogue if:
    • The appointment is cancelled, or an attempt to rearrange is made, with less than 48 hours notice.
    • You have not brought correct or sufficient ID.
    • A parent or legal guardian is not present to consent at the appointment of an under-16.
    • You are underage for the piercing booked.
    • You are late to your appointment by the discretion of our staff. Please note that 5 minutes is usually considered late as it is 25% of a standard appointment.
    • You no-show your appointment.
    • You have booked for an anatomy-dependent piercing that you are anatomically unsuitable for.
    • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One unit of alcohol is enough for us to refuse service.
  • All intimate piercings require an in-person piercing consultation and 24 hour cooling-off period. If an intimate piercing is booked without a consultation and 24 hour cool-off, Rogue reserves the right to refuse service and retain the piercing fee.

Jewellery Terms and Conditions

  • All jewellery purchased in studio is nonrefundable and nonexchangeable. This includes jewellery purchased for initial piercings, jewellery purchased for healed piercings, and all jewellery purchased in-studio to be installed at home. This is to meet our strict hygiene protocols and is a part of UK law.
  • Jewellery purchased elsewhere and brought to our studio cannot be used for initial piercings under any circumstances. We reserve the right to not use or install externally sourced jewellery that does not meet our minimum standards of safety, even in healed piercings.
  • It is the clients responsibility to make sure the jewellery is secure and tight by checking their items on a weekly basis. Lost jewellery is the responsibility of the client and will not be refunded or replaced by Rogue.


  • All items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  • Exchanges are only available for faulty items or manufacturer defects. Faulty items must be reported within 7 days of you receiving your items. This does not cover mistreatment or loss of jewellery.
  • Any rare manufacturer defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer, not Rogue.
  • Repairs may be available depending on the manufacturers policy however repair charges may apply.
  • Delivery charges for repairs are to be paid by the customer, not Rogue.
  • If jewellery ordered online arrives and is incorrect, items can be refunded or exchanged given the order is shipped back to Rogue and no jewellery packaging is opened or seals broken. This is at the discretion of Rogue Staff.

Custom Orders

  • All deposits are absolutely non-refundable.
  • The deposit is valid for the agreed item only and cannot be moved to another item at any stage. Any alterations to the details of the custom order must be made BEFORE the deposit is paid.
  • A minimum deposit must be paid for the jewellery to be ordered. A failure to pay for a deposit will result in your custom order not being ordered.
  • Initial deposit is dependent on the overall price of the order and is at the discretion of the Rogue staff.
  • Deposits will be deducted from the overall balance.
  • The deposit is valid for 6 months after the item has arrived. If the full amount has not been paid within this time, the entire payment is void and both deposit and any items are retained by Rogue.
  • The full value of the item must be paid to Rogue before the item can be released to you and installed.
  • When ordering jewellery custom orders are grouped together – Meaning it may be weeks before the order is placed, then manufacture and shipping times are additional. You agree to this upon signing the custom order sheet or via online deposit payment.
  • All wait times are merely estimates. We can advise on how long an order may take to arrive, however this is only an estimation as wait times can be updated by the manufacturer at any stage. Wait times are entirely out of the control of Rogue. Refunds are not available for items that take longer than the initially estimated time.
  • Custom orders may be sent off without waiting for grouping . You can be quoted the cost of expedited ordering by asking a member of staff. This is usually £100. It is the clients responsibility to pay for this expedited ordering process or jewellery ordering can be delayed.
  • If an item is required for a particular time please state this before ordering so we can estimate if your item is able to arrive in that time scale.
  • Items can be delayed due to manufacturing times and customs processing, this is not within the control of Rogue. It is the clients responsibility to order jewellery in a timely fashion if there is a specific time-frame involved.
  • Fees for import tax will be included in the initial quote each individual item.
  • Photographs are the most accurate representation of the jewellery or gemstones ordered, however slight variations between pieces are possible.
  • Rogue is not responsible for jewellery that does not fit or suit the customer, item specifications are the responsibility of the customer.


  • We charge for shipping the jewellery from Rogue to each client. This is second class, signed delivery which includes a packing fee. Shipping fees are non-negotiable.
  • Each manufacturer has different shipping costs, this will be factored into the price you are quoted.
  • Rogue is not responsible for any items once shipped. Rogue is not responsible for chasing up items lost in the post. Any queries are to be taken up with the post office.
  • Post is addressed and sent to the exact shipping address provided upon ordering. Rogue is not responsible for items sent to incorrect addresses or sent to an address that is not the residence of the intended recipient.
  • When shipping internationally, it is the clients responsibility to pay for any import taxes incurred. This is not the responsibility of Rogue. If items are returned to Rogue, it is the clients responsibility to organise secondary shipping.