Rogue Webstore Guide

It can feel quite tricky to purchase body jewellery online. Will it fit? Am I ordering the right thing? We know that it can be quite intimidating, so here you will find a complete how-to on how to purchase jewellery for different parts of your body.

Threadless Ends

Threadless ends are by far the most versatile item on our webstore. This is because all threadless ends are compatible with all sizes and styles of threadless shaft.

Threadless ends are suitable for:

  • Ear piercings
  • Cartilage piercings
  • Nose piercings
  • Lip piercings
  • Navel Piercings
  • Eyebrow Piercings
  • And more!

So what does this mean? Let’s say you have two ear piercings – One earlobe piercing and one conch piercing. Purchasing threadless jewellery means that you don’t need to worry that if you buy a piece of jewellery for your conch, it won’t fit in the gauge of post you wear in your earlobe – It will fit both! All you need to do is ensure you purchase a threadless post that is the correct gauge and length to be comfortable in the piercing you want. If you already wear comfortable threadless posts, then it’s as simple as just swapping out the tops!

How To Purchase Threadless Ends

  1. Head to our webstore.
  2. Browse through our threadless end collection.
  3. Pick the ones you like and add them to your cart. Remember to buy two for a matching pair.
  4. If you need to, purchase the matching threadless shaft.
  5. Check out! It’s as simple as that.
Threadless Yellow Gold and Onyx setup from BVLA.

Threaded Ends

Threaded ends are perfect for those placements that experience more movement, and large pieces of jewellery that just need an extra bit of security.

Threaded Jewellery is suitable for:

  • Large, chunky pieces of jewellery (16g OR 14g threaded)
  • Tongue Piercings (14g threaded)
  • Intimate Piercings (14g threaded)
  • Cheek Piercings (14g threaded)
  • Surface and Microdermal Piercings (14g threaded)

The most important thing to note with threaded jewellery is that not all thread patterns are compatible with all thicknesses/gauge of jewellery.

There are two main thread types that Rogue sells: 18g/16g and 14g/12g. 16g threaded pieces will thread into 18g and 16g shafts, whereas 14g threaded pieces will only thread into 14g (1.6mm) and 12g (2mm) shafts. This is super important to know when purchasing threaded jewellery, as otherwise you may accidentally stretch your piercings by trying to install a new post that is too thick. We most commonly stock 14g threaded ends as they are a lot more versatile!

How to Purchase Threaded Ends

  1. Head to our webstore.
  2. Browse through our threaded end collection.
  3. Check the thread pattern of your chosen item – Make sure it is appropriate for the placement you want to wear it in. This will always be clearly noted in the product description.
  4. Add to your cart! Remember to buy two if you need a matching pair.
  5. If you need to, purchase the matching threaded shaft – This could either be a labret, barbell, or curved barbell depending on the placement you want to wear it in. We always recommend purchasing your labret from Rogue, as different brands manufactured in different countries may not thread appropriately with North American brands.
  6. Add your items to your basket and check out!
Internally threaded balls!


This is probably the most important part of your purchase! The shaft is the wearable portion that passes through your body. In order to find the best fit for your individual anatomy, you need to know:

  1. What Style? – Is your jewellery threaded or threadless?
  2. What Gauge? – How thick is the post?
  3. What Length or Diameter? – How long is the labret/barbell, or how wide is the ring?
  4. What Disc Size? (If applicable). – What size disc is appropriate to balance the size of the end?

This is the trickiest part of purchasing items online. Wearing the wrong size can cause irritation or long-term damage to your piercings.

If you are already wearing a high-quality shaft from a reputable supplier (For example, if you have been pierced at Rogue or have already had quality labrets, barbells, or curved barbells fitted by a reputable piercer), then you don’t need to worry about this and only need to purchase new ends, as-and-when you feel like a change!

The best way to guarantee well-fitting jewellery is to have your anatomy assessed in person by a professional piercer. This guide is only meant to be a rough estimate to show you the variety of sizes and styles that may work for you in your individual placement.

PlacementRecommended Style(s)Gauge RangeUnhealed Length/Diameter* RangeHealed Length/Diameter** Range
EarlobeLabret / Ring18g – 14g5/16″ – 1/2″7/32″ – 5/16″
CartilageLabret / Ring16g – 14g5/16″ – 3/8″3/16″ – 5/16″
RookCurved Barbell / Ring (Fully healed!)16g – 14g5/16″ – 3/8″5/16″
DaithBCR / Seam Ring / Clicker16g – 14g3/8″ – 1/2″5/16″ – 3/8″
NoseLabret / Ring (Fully healed!)18g – 16g5/16″ – 3/8″7/32″ – 5/16″
LipLabret / Ring (Fully healed!)16g – 14g3/8″ – 1/2″1/4″ – 3/8″
NavelCurved Barbell / Navel Bar14g3/8″ – 9/16″5/16″ – 1/2″
SeptumCircular Barbell / BCR / Seam Ring / Clicker16g – 14g3/8″5/16″ – 3/8″
* These are a range of estimates based on experience of piercings that are not fully healed, ie. under 6 months old.
** These are a range of estimates based on experience of piercings that are fully healed, ie. Over 6-12 months old.
Do not use this chart as anything more than a rough guide to what sizes and styles may be appropriate for your piercing. When in doubt, always contact us or book in for a checkup to allow us to measure and fit the perfect sizing for your unique anatomy. Your anatomy may vary greatly.


90% of the jewellery brands that we stock at Rogue are manufactured or hand-made in North America and Canada. This means that all of the jewellery sizes are in imperial fractional inches. As experienced piercers, we already know from memory what each size means, and what it converts to in mm. If you are a bit lost, then the below conversion charts will help you.

Installation Guide

It is always best to have your jewellery installed by a professional where possible. This minimises the chance of damaging both your piercing, and your new jewellery!

Different Styles

A Note on Tools

It is quite easy to purchase piercing tools such as insertion tapers, jewellery pliers and hemostats online. We strongly discourage their use. You are not a professional, and using tools improperly without adequate training or guidance is a very easy way to damage your piercings, and/or break your new jewellery. Hemostats especially can cause scratches and gouges in rings and shafts, and can shatter gemstones if used on ends or rings set with gems.

If you are struggling to install or remove jewellery at home, please book in for a checkup appointment, and we will be more than happy to help you with your jewellery without the risk of damage.