Price List

As we stock a wide variety of jewellery our prices vary depending on the jewellery selected. The fees listed below are for the piercing and do NOT include the jewellery. We have jewellery starting from £10 so we can cater to every budget.

Please note that our age policies differ for each piercing. We strongly recommend reading our age and ID policies before booking to ensure you are able to have this piercing. We require government-issued photo ID such as a passport, drivers license or UK Citizen Card for every appointment, regardless of your age. We cannot pierce without ID and your piercing fee will be retained by Rogue.

Jewellery options can be viewed here.

Lobe with Genuine Opal and Gold and Tragus with Genuine Turquoise and Gold

Checkup/Consultation – £5 (If jewellery is purchased at this appointment, then this is taken off your total.)
Ear Lobe (Single) – £20
Ear Lobe (Pair) – £30
Cartilage (Helix, Conch, Daith etc) – £25
Scaffold/Industrial/Orbital – £40
Nose – £25
Septum – £30
Lip (Single) (labret, philtrum etc) – £30
Lip (Pair) – £55
Cheek (Single) – £35
Cheek (Pair) – £60
Tongue – £30
Tongue Web/Smiley – £35
Eyebrow – £30
Bridge – £30
Nipple (Single) – £30
Nipple (Pair) – £ 50
Navel – £30
Surface – £50
Microdermal – £50
Intimate – £50

If you have any questions feel free to call us on 0115 670 1609 or email us at