Apprentice Piercing Information

Read through this page to learn all about the discount piercings that we offer at Rogue!

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Jay, our current apprentice!

What are ‘Apprentice Piercings?’

An apprentice piercing is a piercing performed by a trainee piercer in order to hone their skills on that particular piercing, placement, or jewellery type.

Each apprentice piercing is performed under the strict supervision of one of our Senior Piercers Aiden or Breo – No piercing will ever be performed unsupervised until both studio and apprentice are happy and confident in their skills! We only offer certain piercings to the public once we are super happy with our apprentice and their capabilities – You won’t ever be the first person our apprentice has ever pierced!

Over the course of the three year apprenticeship, Rogue will offer all piercings at a discounted rate. This page will be a reference point to see which piercings are currently being offered!

Perks of Apprentice Piercings

Aside from the benefits to our apprentice of getting hands-on experience with specific skills and placements, there are tonnes of benefits for the client too!

  • 50% Discount on the Piercing Fee!
  • Free Neilmed Piercing Aftercare
  • Free Checkup Appointment!
  • A lifetime of support for every piercing.
  • Helping a trainee to achieve their education goals!

How Do I Book an Apprentice Piercing?

It’s super simple! To book an apprentice piercing, simply head to our online booking system and select the category ‘Apprentice Piercings’ from the first dropdown.

From here, you can see all of the piercings that we are currently offering at a discount through our apprenticeship scheme! Simply select the piercing(s) that you are interested in, and you can see the dates and times available to book in for that piercing.

We highly recommend booking in for as soon a date as you can, as all apprentice piercings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis! Once the piercing slots have been filled, that piercing will be taken off the menu and will not be offered again!