Intimate Piercing Information

Rogue Piercing is home to two intimate piercing specialist piercers. We offer a huge range of intimate piercing options, varying from commonplace piercings to the upper ends of unusual. This page covers everything you might need to know about intimate piercings. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further or specific questions!

Male Intimate Piercings

This is a fairly comprehensive list of all the male intimate piercings that we offer. If you have any special requests, please get in contact.

Prince Albert – A traditional male intimate piercing passing into the urethra and out of the underside of the head of the penis.

Reverse Prince Albert – A piercing passing into the urethra and upwards, out of the head of the penis.

Apadravya – An advanced piercing passing through the head of the penis vertically from top to bottom.

Ampallang – An advanced piercing passing through the head of the penis horizontally from left to right.

Dydoe Piercings – A piercing crossing the glans and corona of the penis, often in pairs or multiples.

Dolphin Piercings – An advanced piercing passing through the underside of the penis through the urethra. Deep dolphins are also available.

Lorum Piercings – A piercing passing through the seam of skin at the base of the underside of the penis. Multiple can be performed to achieve a Jacob’s Ladder.

Hafada/Scrotum – A piercing anywhere on the scrotum. Often pierced in multiples.

Frenum Piercings – A piercing through the webbing on the underside of the glans.

Guiche Piercing – A piercing behind the scrotum and in front of the anus.

Pubic Piercing – A surface piercing above the base of the penis.

Female Intimate Piercings

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the female intimate piercings that we offer. Please get in contact if there are any female intimate piercings you would be interested in that are not listed.

Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) – A piercing vertically through the hood covering the clitoris. Depending on anatomy, these can be performed in pairs.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) – A piercing horizontally through the hood covering the clitoris.

Christina Piercing – A surface piercing where the outer labia meet to form the pubic mound.

Inner Labia – A piercing of the inner labia. Usually pierced in multiple sets.

Outer Labia – A piercing of the outer labia. Usually pierced in multiple sets.

Fourchette – A piercing of the membrane behind the entrance of the vagina.

Princess Albertina – A piercing of the urethra into the entrance of the vagina. Please note that this piercing is especially complex, and is anatomy and lifestyle dependent.

Please note that we do not offer Triangle piercings – We highly recommend Holier Than Thou in Manchester for this specific piercing.

Intimate Work Protocol

For all intimate work, there is a safety protocol to follow. This is a strict studio policy that cannot be altered, so please keep this in mind when organising travel if you are coming a distance to visit us. This describes the entire process from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect each step of the way.

  1. Before booking for your piercing, you must book in for an intimate piercing consultation. This is to check your anatomy is suitable for the piercing you are looking for, and to talk through the process and answer any and all questions you may have. Please note that a second member of staff will be present at your consultation and piercing.
  2. There is a 24 hour cooling off period after your consultation to ensure that you can make an informed choice about your piercing. This means that your piercing appointment must be booked at least 24 hours after your consultation. There is no limit on how long after your consultation you need to book – You can book weeks or months in advance depending on travel and your availability.
  3. At your piercing appointment, we will run through the aftercare advice with you again and give you another opportunity to ask any questions that you may have thought of in the interim period. Once you are ready, we will perform the piercing for you.
  4. At your consultation, we will recommend a timeframe in which you will need to return to our studio for a checkup where we can downsize the length of the jewellery for your comfort and the long-term stability of your piercing. Once you have returned for this checkup, the process is complete and you will have a piercing that will last a lifetime!

Piercee Code of Conduct

The vast majority of the intimate piercee code of conduct should be common sense, however we will detail some information that you need to know in order to maintain a positive and professional environment within the studio and online.

Rogue does not accept inappropriate behaviour, including the sending of graphic images to our email or social media unless previously discussed with an existing client. Do not send any explicit images without prior consent from the studio.

We know that an intimate piercing can be a source of gratification for some clients, however inappropriate behaviour during your piercing is not accepted and will result in a permanent ban from Rogue. We do not accept sexual harassment of any kind to any member of staff – This includes verbal harassment, attempts to touch a member of staff or yourself inappropriately etc.

We specifically request that you do not make attempts to contact any members of the studio outside of work via social media or in person.

Failure to comply to the piercee code of conduct will result in a permanent ban from the studio.

Intimate Piercing FAQ

How do I prepare for my consultation or piercing appointment?

To prepare for your appointment, we recommend having a shower the morning of your appointment to ensure you are clean and comfortable. You may also want to bring some wet wipes to freshen up with beforehand as well, although this is entirely personal preference and depends on what you feel comfortable doing.

Wear clean clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and that won’t feel tight or restrictive. Jogging bottoms, leggings or a comfy skirt are ideal! We highly recommend bringing a clean pair of underwear and a pack of sanitary towels (for both male and female piercings) as you may experience a small spotting of bleeding after your piercing.

We recommend eating a good meal with protein and complex carbs a maximum of four hours before your appointment, and to drink plenty of water to ensure you feel good and are nicely hydrated. We don’t recommend drinking alcohol the day before your appointment or after your appointment, as this can affect the smoothness of your piercing procedure and increase your risk of bleeding.

You are more than welcome to bring a friend or partner to chaperone your appointment. We also recommend bringing a written list of any questions you may want to ask, as sometimes it can be easy to forget them!

Can I request a piercer of a specific gender?

Whilst Rogue has multiple piercers of various genders, it is not always possible to guarantee booking your piercing with a specific gender piercer. Certain complex piercings are only offered by our senior piercers, and so a specific gender cannot be requested. As a second member of staff is required to be present for all intimate piercings, it cannot be guaranteed that an all-male or all-female team will be available. Often a mixed gender team will be available. However, we will always endeavour to work with you to make you as comfortable as possible.

Can I see your intimate piercing portfolio?

Yes! You can request to see our intimate piercing portfolio. This is available on request in studio only, and you must book in for an intimate piercing consultation. We can show you examples of the piercing you are looking to receive. This portfolio is not available online at any point, for the strict privacy of our clients.

Can I skip booking the consultation?

No. We must see you for an intimate consultation, and enforce a 24hr cooling off period before we will perform your intimate piercing. If you book in for a piercing without a consultation, we will contact you and either reschedule the piercing or perform the consultation at that booking and then manually book you in for the piercing for another date.

I’ve had an intimate piercing from Rogue before – Why do I need to book another consultation?

We require a consultation before each and every intimate piercing. This is because during your consultation, we are only focussing on the piercing you requested at that consultation. We need to perform an anatomy check and select the appropriate jewellery for that specific piercing! You cannot book for a Prince Albert, and then miss the consultation for a Guiche piercing for example as we have not checked your anatomy for that.

Can I have an Intimate Piercing while on my period?

You absolutely can. We recommend wearing a tampon or menstrual cup so that you feel more comfortable during the piercing and to minimise the risk of contaminating the sterile field that we prepare on your body before piercing. Please note, you may feel some extra sensitivity or discomfort if getting a piercing while on your period.

I have undergone HRT or Gender Confirming Surgery. Can you still pierce me?

If you are planning for an intimate piercing and are undergoing/have received HRT or gender confirmation surgeries, please get in contact so that we can advise you on your specific situation as each person is so different! We generally recommend waiting at least 12-18 months after beginning HRT or after surgery before getting your piercings, as your body can change a huge amount in this time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

Please note: We use the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ in our intimate piercing descriptions for ease of use for the general public. Rogue is a trans and queer friendly studio with nonbinary and gender nonconforming members of staff, and will use any and all pronouns or language that makes you feel most at home in your body.

What type of jewellery will I wear?

Each intimate piercing has huge variation on what type of jewellery is appropriate. The most common types are BCRs, curved barbells, and straight barbells. All jewellery is manufactured in the USA to the highest standards, and is made from ASTM F-136 or F-1295 compliant implant-grade Titanium. Most intimate piercings are performed at a heavier gauge (bigger thickness) for security and long-term stability. Depending on the placement and personal preference, this is usually anywhere from 14g (1.6mm) to 6g (4mm).

Once healed, there is a huge amount of options in terms of upgrades. We highly recommend custom ordering unique jewellery from Anatometal if you are looking for an intimate piercing curation. Contact with any jewellery queries. You can also follow us on instagram to see more examples.

A Note on Intimate Piercing Images

We understand that on occasion, it might be best to send us a photo of your piercing in order to troubleshoot any issues. We request that this is performed via EMAIL only, and please clearly state in the title of your email that there will be an explicit image in the body of the email. We do not accept unrequested indecent images via email or DM, and if we receive multiple indecent images we will ask you do not contact the studio again.