Neometal Threadless Opal Cabochon



ASTM F136 Neometal Implant grade Titanium Cabochon end set with cabochons with various colours. Every piece is hand polished to allow an easier healing process. Neometal were the originators of the threadless system and are based in Washington, USA. Post not included.

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5mm Synthetic White Opal, 5mm Synthetic Capri Blue Opal, 4mm Synthetic White Opal, 4mm Synthetic Capri Opal, 4mm Synthetic Lavender Opal, 4mm Synthetic Purple Opal, 4mm, Synthetic Bubblegum Opal, 4mm Synthetic Lime Green Opal, 3mm Synthetic White Opal, 3mm Synthetic Capri Opal, 3mm Synthetic Lavender Opal, 3mm Synthetic Purple Opal, 3mm Synthetic Lime Green Opal, 2.5mm Synthetic White Opal, 2.5mm Synthetic Capri Opal, 2.5mm Synthetic Lavender Opal, 2.5mm Synthetic Purple Opal, 2.5mm Synthetic Lime Green Opal


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