QotA ‘Conjuration’ Earrings


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Queen of the Ashes

Crafted from oxidized copper, these earweights draw inspiration from the haunting feeling of being in the thick of the woods, only encapsulated by silence and feeling the hairs standing up in ones neck, wondering what is lurking between the trees, unseen. They are a nod to the eerie ambiance of a certain cinematic masterpiece, a captivating blend of nature inspired design and rustic elegance. The dark patina of the copper enhances the detailed silhouette of the stickman figures, reminescent of ancient artifacts discovered in places long forgotten.

  • Those earweights are made out of copper, so be gentle when opening and closing them.
  • They fit for stretched lobes from 8 mm on.
  • Total height: 85 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Thickness of "twigs": 4mm
  • Sold as a pair.