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High Quality?

The general standard of piercing and body jewellery available across the UK has been low for a long time. In recent years there has been a movement to increase the quality level and our piercers have been at the forefront of this. We believe in high quality jewellery and the difference that it makes to a happy healthy piercing. Over a series of blog posts we are going to break down what makes a quality piece of jewellery and why this is important. These blog posts will cover:

  • Connection – Internal, External, Threadless
  • Material – Metals, Glasses, Plastics and Organics
  • Design – Jewellery Styles, Good from Bad, Surface Finish, Coatings
  • Initial Vs Healed – Sterilisation, Natural Oils
  • Gemstones – Types, Grades, Cuts

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For a more in-depth discussion about any of these subjects feel free to talk to any of our team by booking a free consultation on our book now page and they will be glad to share our passion with you. You can also take a look at the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) homepage at or the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) homepage at

High and Low Quality side by side
It’s easy to see the difference when you put high quality and low quality side by side

2 thoughts on “High Quality?

  1. […] So to start with lets refresh on what a labret is. It is a Post with a disc on one end. The disc can be fixed or removable and they post can be threaded or threadless. The labret post is the part which passes through your body and the part that holds all the beautiful ends in place. Many different manufacturers make labrets but sadly not all are made equal. For a refresh on all of the different aspects of high quality jewellery then take a look back at our High Quality? Series of Blogs here. […]

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