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High Quality? Part 2d – Materials (Organics)

Organics covers the wonderful world of natural materials. These range across wood, bone, horn, stone and more. Due to this wide range this post will discuss categories rather than individuals. The nature of organics means that none of them are implant safe certified and have various levels of bio compatibility so it is important to understand your body and the quality of the jewellery. The vast majority of these materials are used for large gauge piercings and stretched lobes as most are too brittle or unstable for standard sized piercings.


Organics - Semecarpus australiensis (Australian Cashew Nut)
Semecarpus australiensis (Australian Cashew Nut) is a toxic wood that can cause skin lesions and nosebleeds

Wood has been used successfully within body jewellery for millennia but is unsuitable for initial piercing due to its porous nature. Some woods can be toxic so it is important to look into the individual type of wood that you want jewellery from for your health. Some clients have found that they became slowly intolerant to a certain type of wood and can no longer wear it so it is also important to check the on going health too. Surface finish will vary wildly depending on manufacturer but it is possible to get a high polish finish on certain types of wood. A whole rainbow of colour options are available with beautiful grain patterns.

At Rogue we only use wooden jewellery for well healed piercings and can order in any size and combination requested

Bone and Horn

Organics - Porosity leads to smelly and irritated piercings
Porosity leads to smelly and irritated piercings

Bone and Horn are generally categorised together as they are both animal products. Much like wood they are porous products so they are used for healed piercings at larger gauge only. The surface finish can also vary like wood and so this must be inspected carefully. The source of these materials is important too as not all horn and bone is from ethical sources.

At Rogue we are happy to order in bone and horn jewellery and will make sure sources are ethical.


Agate Double Flare Plugs by Diablo Organics
Agate Double Flare Plugs by Diablo Organics

Stones are also available in a rainbow of colours and has been used for both initial and healed piercings historically. As metals developed they became the chosen material for jewellery as it could be worked much finer than stone. Surface finish and type of stone are just as important as with the other organics. Weight is an issue that need to be addressed and managed when choosing large stone jewellery, a regular care routine including naked piercings is normally sufficient. Different types of stone have many different properties so again being aware of sensitivities and sensitisation is important for the on going health of a piercing.

Beware of fake stone jewellery. Dying cheap, unsafe stones is a common practice from low quality manufacturers. Also check that the piece is actually stone as sometimes the names can be confusing, blue goldstone for example is actually glass.

At Rogue we are happy to order stone jewellery made from appropriate types for healed piercings only.

Next weeks blog post we’ll be moving away from materials and moving into the world of jewellery design. Don’t forget to join our mailing list to stay up to date with our blog.

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