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Four-ever Rogue: 4th Annivesary

Four years ago, 6 Bridlesmith Walk was an empty unit. No floors, no rooms, just a man with a set of keys, two dogs and a vision. Today we are one of the largest UKAPP studios with 5 members, 4 piercers and the best clients any business could hope for. Rogue Piercing celebrates 4 years in Nottingham!

Rome might not have been built in a day but Aiden laid the floors, built the walls and had Rogue up and running in weeks. As a founding member of the UKAPP and an internationally travelling piercer and educator, he knew what he wanted Rogue to be. An inviting space for all looking for safe, high quaility body piercing performed by professionals who are passionate about their work.

In the begining there was Aiden.

As the team changed and grew, we’ve attended a number of international conferences, taught classes and met some amazing people. From Machester, Germany, Madrid and Las Vegas, our team have travelled a lot over the past few years. Anna of our sister studio Revenant Tattoo even visited Peru! Jet setting and #foreverlearning.

As our team has grown, so has our jewellery and our portfolios. It wouldn’t be a Rogue recap without a look back at some of our proudest work. Kat works hard as the Rogue jewellery specialist to order each piece of jewellery, specifically with our clients in mind. Catering to all aesthetics, budgets and colour schemes. Our cabinets are filled with hand-picked and hand-made pieces that are selected and displayed by Kat, purchased by our wonderful clients and installed by our piercing team.

Not only have we worked with some incredible pieces of jewellery, but Rogue has also grown to become one of the leading studios for large gauge and intimate piercing in the UK! Under the mentorship of Aiden and Breo, Gemma is now working on expanding her intimate portfolio. Although we won’t be showing any genital piercings here, we are eternally grateful for the trust of our clients and we are privelleged to a be a part of their journey. But hey, let’s have a look at some of the work we can show on the internet!

Jay is approaching their third and final apprentice year! They’ve tackled a lot since starting their journey but there’s no denying they have not only a passion but a genuine talent for body piercing. They are always striving for perfection and taking on board as much as possible to provide their clients with the most amazing experience. Next year Jay will be moving into the most advanced piercings available so keep an eye out for apprentice discounts and help Jay finish up in style!

Rogue has grown to be so much more than the team of five you see creeping around the studio. Over the years, we have welcomed a whole range of piercers into the studio for guest spots, events and general hanging out with industry folks! We’ve hosted Rae and Mari from Wales. Current UKAPP president David Angeles. Flavio from Brazil. Edu from Copenhagen. Jamie from San Francisco. Cat from London. Phebe and Olly from Norwich. Andre from Germany. Aiko from Belguim. And Alicia from Canada! That’s not to mention the amazing artists that Revenant has had visit and produce amazing art in their tattoo studio!

We also welcomed David to the Revenant studio! Although already established as an incredibly talented artist, David has joined Anna to begin his journey as a tattoo apprentice. We’re all very glad to have David and his snazzy shirts on board!

Over a decade in the making, Aiden has worked to create a space for practioners, facilitators and participants to come together do something awesome. Introducing the wonderful world of body suspesion to Rogue has been a long and life changing process but we have been fortunate enough to have amazing guidance and to bring that experience to the fine folk of Nottingham. The events hosted at Rogue have been a fantastic success and we aim to provide many more in the future! It’s been an uplifting journey so far. Pun intended.

Who knows what the next four years will bring. How the team will change. Where we will go next. One thing you can always be sure of, is we will continue to provide high quality, safe body piercings for every one. Rogue is a space you can be comfortable in. A studio where we are always striving for better. And we wouldn’t be here without our unbelievably supportive clients. Thank you to each and every person that has visited us over the years. Here’s to 4 more years!

Don’t forget to book your appointments 🙂

– Gemma

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