Gorilla Glass Single Flare Plug


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Single Flare Soda Lime Glass by Gorilla Glass. Includes Silicon O-Ring. Available in Black, Clear or custom ordered colours.
Manufactured in Oaxaca, Mexico. Sizes can vary slightly due to the organic nature of glass.

Sold in singles – For a pair, please order 2.

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1mm/18g, Clear, 1mm/18g, Black, 1.2mm/16g, Clear, 1.2mm/16g, Black, 1.6mm/14g, Clear, 1.6mm/14g, Black, 2mm/12g, Clear, 2mm/12g, Black, 2.4mm/10g, Clear, 2.4mm/10g, Black, 3mm/8ga, Clear, 3mm/8g, Black, 4mm/6g, Clear, 4mm/6g, Black, 5mm/4g, Clear, 5mm/4g, Black, 6mm/2g, Clear, 6mm/2g, Black, 8mm/0g, Black, 10mm/00g, Black


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