Neometal Titanium Threadless Labret



ASTM F136 Implant grade Titanium Threadless Labret by Neometal, post only.

For sizing: First option is thickness, second option is length, third option is disc size.
Small disc sizes: 2.5mm
Large disc sizes: 3-4mm

Every piece is hand polished to allow an easier healing process. Neometal were the originators of the threadless system and are based in Washington, USA

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18g, 5/32", SD, 18g, 3/16", SD, 18g, 7/32", SD, 18g, 1/4", SD, 18g, 1/4", LD, 18g, 9/32", SD, 18g, 5/16", SD, 18g, 5/16", LD, 18g, 3/8", SD, 18g, 3/8", LD, 18g, 7/16", SD, 18g, 7/16", LD, 18g, 1/2", SD, 16g, 3/16", LD, 16g, 7/32", LD, 16g, 1/4", LD, 16g, 9/32", LD, 16g, 5/16", LD, 16g, 3/8", LD, 16g, 7/16", LD, 16g, 1/2", LD, 14g, 1/4", LD, 14g, 5/16", LD, 14g, 3/8", LD, 14g 5/32" LD, 14g 7/16" LD


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