QotA ‘Fate’s Hands’ Weights


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Queen of the Ashes

Roll for initiative and embrace your inner nerd with our Fates Hand Earweights, which come in the shape of 20-sided polyhedral hollow dice. Anybody who ever immersed themselves in tabletop roleplaying games knows the many facets of fate the die represents, whether it's the thrill of a critical hit, the agony of a fumble and the suspense while the die is still rolling, similar to the infinite possibilities that life offers. We wish to capture the essence of those feelings with this design and bring it to the realm of fashion statements.

  • Available in White Brass.
  • Diameter: 53 mm
  • Wearable: 7 mm
  • Sold as a pair – in case you want a single, email us and we see what we can do.