QotA ‘The Scavenger Queen’ Weights


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Queen of the Ashes

The world is burning and Queen of the Ashes supplies you with the proper adornments to face the apocalypse!

Introducing our signature piece "The Scavenger Queen", coming in copper and white brass as well as being possible to be custom made with yellow brass. They are coming from homemade, handcarved molds with different finishes, either completely rough, polished or partially antiqued.

These pairs are the antiqued version.

The carving on the edge are written in the theban alphabet, quoting the necronomicon to call the evil dead.

The clasp is with 2mm thickness to prevent it from bending as well as from opening by itself.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Wearable: 2 mm // 12 gauge
  • Diameter: 79 mm
  • Weight: 53,1 gram per piece

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Yellow Brass, Oxidised Black