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August Guests!

Hi everyone! Today we’ll be talking about some exciting stuff that will be happening at Rogue in the coming weeks. We are pleased to announce a rota of guest artists who will be calling Rogue home between now and Autumn. We hope you look forward to meeting them as much as we are looking forward to hosting them!

In August we will have two new guest artists! You will be able to meet Marianne, and the wonderful David Angeles of Talisman Tattoo.


David will be our main piercer on the week of August the 17th to 21st.

How long have you been piercing?

I’ve been piercing full-time for five years, and running my own show for two. I currently work out of Talisman Tattoo. I’ve always pierced in Devon (Exeter, Ashburton, and now Plymouth) except for a few guest spots elsewhere. Really excited to add Nottingham to the list!

What’s your favourite piercings to do?

Nostrils! Bring me all your nostrils. Especially the paired ones! Daiths and kids lobes are a close second. Whilst I’m at Rogue, I’d also be absolutely gassed to do some large gauge lobes as there isn’t so much call for this in Devon.

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery at the moment?

Ah, I’m not wearing most of my jewellery at the moment. I took most of my piercings out a few years ago to “start again” and I’ve got loads of jewellery waiting to go in fresh piercings that haven’t gone in yet! I’m currently only wearing the Jolly Roger from Tsar, and three Junipurr seam rings stacked in my conch! I’ve got a Body Gems Spider, and a Buddha Jewellery Kite Shaped Bezel waiting for me that I can’t wait to install! I’m sticking with a yellow gold with black stones theme so; Onyx, Black Swarovskis, and Black Diamonds! On the market in general, my favourite piece of jewellery is (and very likely always will be!) the BVLA mini-olympus! I’ve literally just got a BVLA account, so that piece will 1000% be in my first order. And it will be going directly into my septum.


Mari will be guesting with us every Friday and Saturday in August – Some of you have already met her!

How long have you been piercing?

I’ve been piercing for 9 years as of the first of August! I was trained just down the road from Rogue in Pierce of Art in Alfreton, so that’s my Nottingham connection. I’m currently in the process of opening my own studio in Bangor, North Wales!

What’s your favourite piercings to do?

My current favourite is any ear curation. It’s great to take the time with my clients and get creative with them! Especially with clients who haven’t got many piercings, it’s fun to work out a full plan with them and start the process of arranging a well thought out selection of piercings and jewellery that all work well together.

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery at the moment?

I think my favourite thing right now is the first piece of BVLA I ever used! Today I got the pleasure of piercing a long-term Rogue client with a BVLA Mini Kandy, set with genuine Chrysoprase. It’s absolutely stunning.

The next few months will be an exciting time for Rogue, and we are really looking forward to sharing this new direction with you all. We feel that having many talented artists work with us can only be a good thing as we share techniques, teaching experiences and meet other good piercings from around the UK. We will be confirming new additions to our permanent team soon, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy these new faces at Rogue!

-The Rogue Team < 3