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Apprenticeship – Year One!

It’s officially been a whole year since I started my apprenticeship at Rogue and 6 months since I last wrote about it. So much has happened since then! Let’s begin at the end of my last blog detailing my time and catch up to where I am now!

Jay and Coral being adorable

Previously, I was just opening up my calendar one day a week to pierce independently! I’m now piercing 3 days a week, doing some cool lobes, pretty nostrils, fun helix/flat piercings and conchs! I’m starting to develop my own piercing style, talking to clients, the preparation process and actually decorating and placing pieces! Working with clients and being given creative control to make beautiful results is definitely becoming one of my favourite areas of work. My favourite projects at the moment are definitely stacked lobes! Whether that’s piercing them or choosing the jewellery for them, they definitely have my heart.

I’m also just starting to come into my ‘intermediate’ piercings! I’m just finishing my apprentice navel piercing and am slowly being introduced to bridges, scaffolds, and tongues! However, bridges have been super popular recently and I did 5 in one week! I’m also super happy with how they’ve been turning out!

“One time Jay punched me in the face. It was awesome” – Gemma Suter, 2022
Gemma, Kat, Breo and Jay

The UKAPP 2022 conference was this year also! That was super exciting and I had such a great time! There was so many amazing classes! I focused a lot more on history classes this year, including a history class by Nahuel Burgos on Piercing Before the 21st Century, and Paul King’s XXX classes and The Incredible Til of Cardiff! And I also got to do an incredibly informative class on Health Considerations by Suzanne Wise, which surprisingly taught me a lot more about myself and my own experience with piercings.

I got to meet so many people, from fellow apprentices  to very experienced piercers who have been running the game for years, and it was super exciting to finally start talking to people! Rogue also explored Manchester a little bit and we ate out at some cool restaurants and cafes. Everything was honestly amazing! I also got to meet (and even get a selfie with) my piercing idol, Paul King! Apprentice of Elayne Angel at the Gauntlet, Paul King has been in the industry for many years and does masses of work regarding the history of piercing. He has taught at many conferences internationally. I even got a shiny new piece of jewellery while I was there! A stunning cluster curve for a new mid helix from Sebastienne Jewellery!

Aiden, Jay and Paul King

I’ve also done many things outside of the studio, such as camping to celebrate Anna’s birthday! And I braved a trip to Manchester by myself to go and see Harry Styles (which was my first big concert ever) and while I was there I also got my forehead pierced with a macrodermal by Kitty at Holier Than Thou, who did an excellent job! (And thankfully, it is still doing super well). I’ve also recently started reading again, which has been a pleasant surprise. It’s been a bit of a struggle over the years to indulge in a story like I once did, but here I am! Even sharing books out to people! 

So much has happened in the past 6 months, and even the year as a whole, but I wouldn’t change it at all! I’m extremely looking forward to year 2 of my apprenticeship and another conference, and more shiny piercings. I’m turning 21 after Christmas, so another huge milestone is right around the corner. 2023 is definitely going to be another big year for me again. But I think for now, I’m just going to take it day by day and keep looking forward to what’s ahead.

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