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Summer ends, and Autumn begins.

With the gradual end of Summer and the slow transition into Autumn, I thought it would be a nice time to appreciate some of the gorgeous piercings that have left Rogues door over the last few weeks.

From piercer favourites to stunning pieces of jewellery, in this blog I have assembled together some of the awe-inspiring faces and ears that we have had the privilege to work with recently!

Breo has had a fantastic few weeks, from custom scaffolds and large gauge piercings, we’ve really seen him do some impressive work. There’s no doubt about it that Breo is a piercing wizard. Between his imagination and his fingers, he blows us away every single time.

Breo adorned some empty space on this lobe, using a Dusk 18K white gold quad bead to create a stacked effect and it is honestly just stunning.
Both a custom designed scaffold and a large gauge conch. It was absolutely wonderful to watch Breo start a long term project for this ear.

An epic set of paired vertical labrets, decorated with Inari Royal Blue Opals.
Using 4 Inari Black Opals, Breo delivered an amazing pair of surface eyebrow piercings.

Aiden, as always, has produced some gorgeous work. Coming from the technical side of the field, Aiden uses more of a mechanical mind to create such fascinating results, and his efforts have not gone amiss so far!

Working with unique anatomy can sometimes be quite tricky, but Aiden did a beautiful job of decorating this split lobe with a London Blue Neometal Prong to distract the eye.
Simple, yet elegant. This 18K Yellow Gold Ball from Rebecca Winder is the start of a long term project of reopening and repiercing some long retired piercings.
Large gauge work is Aiden’s bread and butter, and this 6mm initial labret was an honour to add to the collection.
Aiden did such a fantastic job of placing this striking Swiss Blue Topaz Baguette in this conch.

It’s been an incredible few months for Gemma, as she has been learning new techniques for existing piercings, but has also just took her first steps into learning intimate piercings! Alongside this, she has produced some eye-catching work!

We couldn’t be more mesmerised with this single lobe piercing! Embellished with an Industrial Strength Paw Print, how could you not fall in love?
How could I not put Jay’s ear in here? Gemma did such a perfect job with this mid-helix using a Sebastien Cluster!
A 14g vertical labret, crowned with a Neometal White Opal for a subtle, yet glam look.
These two separate helix piercings, are the start of a long term project! The end goal is to eventually downsize to snug labrets, and join the two with a chain, for the custom look of an industrial!

Jay has also had a smashing couple of months, from nailing their apprentice piercings, to styling and designing, we can honestly say they are producing beautiful work.

This graceful Hammered Teardrop was the perfect life-long piece of jewellery for this nose piercing!
Single lobes are a classic and tasteful piercing! This one here is pierced with a Neometal Clear Swarovski Prong!
Bridges are new piercings for Jay’s menu, but we are incredibly proud of how they are turning out!
Stacked lobes have been a favourite of Jay’s recently, both designing and piercing, and we couldn’t be happier with the finished look of this one!

And of course, we can’t do a September and October roundup without looking at some of the stunning work produced by our guest artist, Flavio. Flavio guested with us for a week and his work is absolutely fantastic!

A super sweet Neometal Trinity, perfectly laid in a conch!
Rebecca Winders 18k White gold disks are such a simple way to make any lobe look sophisticated!
This might be the first daith of the blog to make an appearance, but with the subtle class of an Ocean Grey Swarovski Bezel, how could this one go amiss?
It would be an absolute shame to not flaunt Kat’s new tragus piercing, with a stunning Anatometal Hera!
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