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All I want for Christmas, is…. Gold?

With the Christmas season officially upon us, I’m sure we’re all starting to feel the stress that comes with trying to find that perfect Christmas gift to wrap and sit under the tree. And if you have someone special in your life who loves body jewellery or body piercings, it might be trickier than you think to just pick up some pretty jewellery and encase it in a pretty box. But do not worry, as I have written this guide to help you achieve that wonderful gift for when Santa arrives this year.

So, what is there to really know? 

Well first of all, body jewellery does not come in a standard size. Every piercing, and every person will require a specific size of jewellery for a comfortable fitting. This is because bodies are not uniform. For example, you wouldn’t wear a size 5 pair of shoes if you were a size 3, they’d be too big!

To help us find you the right sizing, we need to know a few factors. The thickness/gauge needed, as we might provide a size too thick or thin! (Helix piercings can be pierced anywhere from 16g/1.2mm to 4g/5mm and more!) 

We also need to know the length for studs, or diameter for rings, as anything too long or short can cause discomfort, snagging, pressure, pinching, tilted angles, or possible migration. 

And then there is the style of threading. At Rogue, we mostly use threadless jewellery as we find it more secure, and easier to work with in and outside of the studio. However, some piercings require an internally threaded piece, such as inner oral piercings, as if the jewellery becomes loose, you do not want a pin poking about. Your loved one may also have a personal preference, for example they may already have a vast collection of interchangeable threadless jewellery, or they might prefer threaded pieces.

So, how can you find this information?

Well, of course there is always straight up asking and being honest with your loved one who may give you the direct answers. Or you could bring them into your local studio to choose their own gift, but where is the fun in that?

Piercers love helping out, it’s our job! You might be able to find a reason to bring your loved one into the studio and our piercers will discretely find out all of this information for you! We can take them into a private room for a quick check-up, or ask for some photos of their nicely healed piercing, or even talk about the new jewellery that has just arrived! Just make sure your piercer has prior knowledge, with either an email or a quick phone call! We want to help make your Christmas extra special! 

Can you order something specifically, not in our cabinets?

The answer is yes, and no. At Rogue, we take a huge amount of custom orders for all of our suppliers, and they are getting bigger each time. However, if you are looking for Christmas presents, probably not. Most of our suppliers have a long wait time from the date we place the order. Depending who we order from, our current estimates are 4-30 weeks. For example, BVLA’s current ship time is 6 months. If you want to place custom orders for Christmas presents, I’d definitely start looking in spring/summer time. 

So, why all this trouble? Surely you can just return it if it’s wrong, right?

Unfortunately not, all body jewellery is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. This is because jewellery is very intimate with each person as it passes through the body. And when it leaves the studio in a nice little box, we have no way to know what has happened to it. Now yes, it may have just sat in a tidy little box, but it also may have been dropped and scratched or damaged. It may have also been in touch with body fluids, such as blood. We can never be certain, and therefore we have to be cautious for the safety of our staff, studio and clients!

Returns aren’t accepted for body jewellery because of health and safety. We wish no harm on anybody, and reusing jewellery is a health hazard. If worn for long enough, a biofilm of your body’s bacteria will form around the jewellery, which means it is yours forever. Body jewellery is often designed intrinsically, and isn’t very easy to deep clean.

Okay, what other options are available!

GIFT CARDS! Gift cards are a fantastic idea, as they give your loved one full creative control. At Rogue, you can buy gift cards directly from us starting at £20. This allows your loved one to choose between new jewellery or a new piercing as well! 

A lot of people may feel gift cards are an easy way out of a Christmas present, but if you know your loved one is going to enjoy it, and use it, then why not! It’s not always easy to fake an excuse to come into a store, or choose the right gemstones or style. It can be a lot of pressure or a lot of money, to get something wrong. This is why gift cards can be super useful. 

Your Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be completely complicated! There are many options available to achieve that big smile and hug at Christmas. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Happy Holidays!

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