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Apprentice Piercings!

Learning how to pierce is definitely a key part of a piercing apprenticeship, but how do we ensure that these piercings are going to be safe and viable for the piercee, and why is it a good idea to trust an apprentice with your new piercing?

Learning the Basics

Lets discuss the lead up to the piercing first. When an apprentice does their first ever piercing on the public, they are not going into it blind. In Jay’s case, they spent a long time watching and learning how the studio runs. Talking through the different types of piercings, the anatomy of the body, the healing times. They became a shadow, watching their mentor (Aiden) and other members of the team pierce their clients. Jay was talked through different piercing methods, and how each one worked, and which ones would be the most suitable to start with.

They then had to practice getting hands-on with piercing foam, paper, and fruit such as oranges and bananas. This was all done to have a feel of how the needles worked, and talk through more technical ideas in a 3D space. The fruit also helped Jay get a ‘feel’ of what piercing skin would feel like. This was how the first 6 months of Jays apprenticeship ran!

Jay practicing needle work on an orange.

In February 2022, Jay got to pick up their first needle, and do their first piercing. They started with a mid helix on Aiden (their mentor), which came out pretty good. The entire process was watched and directed by Aiden. Jay then got to do a classic Helix on their manager, Kat, which was also directed and watched over by Aiden. This was then also followed by a conch piercing on Gemma. After a lot of hands-on practice, we then started opening Jays apprentice piercings to the public. We knew they were ready!

Why Choose an Apprentice Piercing?

Booking a piercing with an apprentice can be a little nerve wracking. You’re trusting a ‘trainee’ to alter your body. Its okay to be nervous or have questions! To say ‘thank you’ for your trust, we offer a 50% discount on the piercing fee.

We always have to expect minor flaws with first piercings, and that they might not always be 100% perfect, however no matter what, we will never let you leave the studio with a piercing that we are not 100% happy with.

It’s so important that people are willing to trust an apprentice with their body. Without you guys, they would never learn! Sure, they can definitely learn some skills piercing fruit and cardboard, or even sillicone, but it’s just not the same.

Every apprentice piercing done by Jay is directed by a head piercer. Aiden, as Jay’s mentor, has been present for most of these. Other piercers have kindly gifted their time to help Jay learn! Breo, Gemma, David Angeles, and Andre Nalin have all spent some of their time at Rogue helping Jay learn the skills they need. This means that every apprentice piercing Jay has completed, has been completely supervised by a well experienced piercer. This means there are always two piercers working together on your piercing, while also building up Jay’s skillset and confidence to be an excellent piercer when working independently.

If you’re questioning wether or not to trust an apprentice piercer, check out their portfolio! Have a look at the work they are already producing. Go in for a chat with them, and discuss their work. Ask questions. Get a piercing that they are already fully capable of performing independently. It’s important that you can establish a good relationship with your piercer, and that you can trust them.

If you wish to book in with Jay for any of their apprentice deals, you can book here. You can also contact Jay via email to discuss any ideas for piercings or discuss what they are currently offering, or are planning to learn.

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  1. I’ve had four piercings from Jay – three as apprentice piercings with Aiden supervising, and one from Jay on their own as their piercing journey has progressed to independence! As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s super cool to be part of the journey, and I have learned a lot about the piercings and the process of piercing, as well as coming away with extra shiny body parts after a first class piercing experience.

    It’s also a very affirming process – I find that piercing is in general, but it’s also a delight to have parts of my body like scar tissue round my navel and a clicky jaw joint be celebrated because every body is unique and different and I’m not bringing flaws, but a learning experience.

    Like everyone at Rogue, Jay is professional and knows how to deliver a brilliant piercing experience. I can’t wait to see them develop their confidence as their apprenticeship continues!

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