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Intimate Consultations – What To Expect

Rogue is an intimate piercing speciaAt Rogue we require a consultation to take place at least 24 hours prior to performing any intimate piercing. This is so you have adequate time to process all the information regarding your piercing and make an informed decision. We also want you to feel comfortable in the studio and with our team because communication is key for any piercing.

So what can you expect when you book in for an intimate consultation? The first thing to note is that we will endevour to make sure the studio is clear of other clients so that we can speak openly and put you at ease. If you want a cup of tea or some water, just let us know! We do recommend that you bring a chaperone, but if you prefer to come by yourself, that’s absolutely fine too! We just want you to feel comfortable.

The first part of the consultation takes place on our (very comfortable) sofa where we will chat with you about a few different things. It’s important that we start by building trust, we know it can be intimidating and a little scary to even book for an intimate piercing so we want to ensure that you feel safe and confident at Rogue. Generally we will chat to you about:

  • What piercing you would like and how you became interested in it
  • Our experience with that piercing
  • Why we offer this piercing and some history around intimate piercings
  • Why we are passionate about intimate piercings and ensuring that we provide a safe setting for our clients

Once we’ve built some trust, we will explain the procedure for your piercing(s). This will differ for each placement and may also differ depending on the piercer or specific anatomy but we will provide you with all the information, step-by-step on how we generally perform the piercing(s) you are interested in.

At any point during the consultation, you are free to ask as many questions as you can think of!

After we cover the procedure, we will discuss aftercare. Again, this may differ slightly piercing to piercing but it essentially boils down to our Golden Rules.

  • Keep it clean! – use sterile saline twice a day to remove any build up
  • Keep it dry! – don’t soak your piercing in still water (baths/pools), pat dry with non-woven gauze or clean kitchen paper after cleaning with saline/showering
  • Leave it alone! – touching causes damage, don’t twist/turn/touch the jewellery and it’s very important to refrain from any sexual activity around the piercing (intercourse/oral sex) and any masturbation aswell for the first four weeks.

When you are ready to re-introduce your sexual life, please ensure that everyone’s hands are clean and that you are using condoms or dental dams for the first 4 weeks to ensure that we are not introducing bacteria into the piercing channel. This is important even if you have been with your partner(s) for a long time.

That’s a lot of information to take on but don’t worry! At your piercing appointment we will go over the aftercare information with you again as a refresher 🙂 You will also be given a a free can of Neilmed sterile saline for your aftercare.

Now we come to the anatomy check. As mentioned before, there will be a two member’s of staff in the room for all intimate appointments. We recommend bringing a chaperone with you if this is something you are comfortable with. We will ask you to step in to the piercing room and we will explain the next steps with you. To perform the anatomy check, we will request that you remove or pull down any clothing/underwear that is obstructing the area.

Before we go on, let’s re-iterate a few key points about the process:

  • Nothing will happen without your consent
  • At no point will you be pressured into removing clothing unneccassarily
  • Everything goes at your pace. Let us know at any point if you are feeling uncomfortable or not at ease.
  • Ask as many questions as you can think of! This is all about making sure you have informed consent

To perform the anatomy check, we may need to gently clean the area before hand using sterile saline or an anti-septic skin clenser (PurKlenz). We will let you know at each stage if we are using any equipment such as a sterile receiving tube or a sterile cotton bud. We will explain why we are using these and let you know prior to touching you in any way.

Once we have checked your anatomy, feel free to get dressed and comfortable. We will explain which piercings are viable (if you have asked for a few different options) and if we are happy to perform them for you. We will explain different jewellery sizes and options that are available to you and show you some examples.

We understand that while intimate consultations/piercings are part of our day-to-day at Rogue, we know that isn’t the case for all of clients. We’ve all been in the same position before and understand that it can feel a little daunting and vulnerable. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to make sure you feel at ease. You are in safe hands!

And that’s the consultation! We will have given you a lot of information to process. Feel free to contact us at any point if you have more questions or if you need clarification on anything. As long as our piercers have agreed that they are happy to perform the piercing for you, you can book in for the appointment any time after 24 hours from the consult. This gives you plenty of time to digest all of the information and to sleep on ythe decision. We take informed consent very seriously in the studio and we want to make sure you are making this decision for yourself.

We hope this puts you at ease and gives you an idea of how the intimate consultations go. If you are looking to book in, please do so here:

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