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Blue Gemstones

Today we’re moving onto a favourite colour at Rogue – Blue gemstones! Your choices for blue gemstones are wide, varied, and in a huge array of tones. From the palest sky blues, to the richest oceanic colours. There’s a blue for every season!

Ocean Blue Diamond

Diamond-shaped Rose Gold jewellery set with six Ocean Blue Diamonds.

Ocean Blue Diamonds are hard-wearing, rich in colour, and truly beautiful. These are available in the widest range of cuts and sizes, so are the most versatile when it comes to designs.

They are a really lovely option for a blue gemstone!

Ice Blue Diamond

Ice Blue Diamonds are hard-wearing, lighter in colour, and are a really gorgeous aqua tone. Diamonds are available in the widest range of cuts and sizes, so are the most versatile when it comes to designs. They are also guaranteed to be the sparkliest genuine gemstones on the market!

They are a really lovely option for a blue gemstone!

London Blue Topaz

We work with a tonne of London Blue Topaz. We love it for it’s rich colour and versatility! This is a more affordable alternative to Ocean Blue Diamonds. It looks amazing in Yellow, White, and Rose Gold too! London Blue Topaz is a rich, deep, sea blue colour. It is a really good option if you want to branch out into colour if you generally wear a lot of black.

Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is the light, breezy cousin of London Blue Topaz. With a slight grey-blue hint, this super pale blue is a really nice choice if you’re struggling to break away from White gemstones but still want something a little bit different! It also looks brilliant when it is sandblasted, but we will talk about that process in a different video.


A Nose piercing close-up wearing an opaque blue gemstone.

Turquoise is a vibrant, opaque gemstone that works best in Yellow Gold – This is where it truly shines! Turquoise is available as both a genuine and synthetic gemstone. The synthetic option is generally the better choice, as it is much more hardwearing and can be used in both fresh and healed piercings.

Polar Sapphire

Septum ring set with a set of lilac blue gemstones.

Polar Sapphire is practically lilac-blue, and is definitely on the lavender side of things. This is a really gorgeous gemstone, whose tone works really well in all colours of Gold. We love pairing Polar Sapphire with bright pinks for a pastel, spring-time look that is a little bit unexpected!


Yellow Gold honeycomb-shaped end set with a smooth Aquamarine blue gemstone.

Aquamarine is the green-blue to true blue variety of the mineral beryl. Its colour is usually a light pastel greenish blue, but in smaller cuts used in body jewellery tends to be quite a pretty sky-blue.

We find that Aquamarine works best in a cabochon cut, where it can truly shine in all of its soap-bubble glory! Yellow Gold tends to bring out the best in Aquamarine, allowing its pale blue to really pop.

Blue Sapphire

BVLA Mini Kandy jewellery, set with a bright blue gemstone called Blue Sapphire.

If you are looking for a classic ‘true blue,’ then Blue Sapphire is definitely the one for you! This rich, primary blue is definitely up there amongst our favourites.

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