QotA ‘Hervor’ Earrings

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Queen of the Ashes

One of our favorite Norse sagas is the Hervarar saga of the cursed sword Tyrfing, which cant be sheathed until it draws blood; Hervor, finding out about her royal legacy and retrieving the sword, defying her fathers ghost and his cautioning words. Of course no grand deed goes unpunished and even though she would take the throne, the sword would commit its evil deeds and lead to one of her sons spilling the others blood….

The design of these earrings was created to reflect the flowing nature of Hervor, the shieldmaiden, Hervor, the Queen Mother who lost her son to Tyrfings curse, structured, scratched and and rough around the edges to represent her bravery and brassness retrieving the cursed sword.

Sold as a pair.

Wearable: 18g / 1mm

Diameter: 44 mm

Weight: 11,8 gram per piece

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White Brass, Yellow Brass