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Piercing Gift Guide 2023

It’s that time of year again, folks! It’s time for the Rogue annual piercing gift guide, where we show you all the options you have for the piercing lover in your life. And if that piercing lover is yourself, then who are we to judge?

The run up to Christmas can be a difficult time for independent businesses – Who are we to compete with the big box stores and online retailers like Amazon? If you can, always support local businesses. High quality, ethical piercing studios are the lifeblood of this industry. Support us however you can, as we will always be here to help you feel at home in your body. Whether that be through purchasing jewellery, booking for piercings, bringing us your piercings to troubleshoot, we are always here to help in ways that big retailers or chain piercing shops simply can’t.

We’ll talk you through some options for a few different piercing placements, and some more general options as well.

Piercing Gift Cards

The quickest, easiest, and sometimes the most thoughtful thing you can do as part of your piercing gift guide is to purchase a gift card. We know, gift cards have a bit of a reputation… But buying a gift card at Rogue is more like buying someone a personalised service than it is an item – Being able to come in, work with the team, get a piercing or choose your own personal piercing upgrades is a really epic gift. Don’t snub it just because!

Within the realm of gift cards – Did you know that you can use gift cards to place custom orders through Rogue with all of your favourite brands? If your partner, sibling, mum, dad, or any other loved one has been yearning after a particular piece of jewellery, or wanted something that we stocked that has since sold, then getting them a gift card to use as part or all of a custom order is probably the sweetest thing you can do!

You can read all about custom orders HERE.

Buying Jewellery

Buying jewellery is kind of like buying someone perfume – It is really difficult to capture who they are as a person and get them something that they truly love! But if you know the person well, and you get them something that they adore, then… There is literally no better feeling in the world. So if you think you can nail it, absolutely go for it!

You can buy jewellery from Rogue a couple of different ways – Firstly, you can do it in-person under the expert guidance of our jewellery specialists by booking a Jewellery Consultation here. That way you can bring reference photos, inspiration, and generally help us figure out the perfect gift to match their vibe.

You can also purchase our entire jewellery collection online! Simply head to our WEBSTORE and scroll through our vast array of options, with in-depth descriptions on sizing, gemstones, and pricing available at your fingertips. You can also click HERE to find an excellent guide on how to get the best out of our online shop!

Piercing Gift Guide – Lobe Piercings

Lobe piercings are really, really versatile. There are so many ways to style them! See the above slideshow for some inspiration on how you can purchase for your loved one. Some of our favourites are:

Piercing Gift Guide – Nose Piercings

Nose piercings are quite personal – The choices go far beyond ‘ring or stud!’ If your loved one is a ring person, we always recommend booking them in for a checkup where we can measure and fit the right size for them, unless you know the exact size they need. You might be able to do this by sneaking a ring out of their collection and bringing it to us to be measured… Studs however, are a little bit more straightforward. Especially if they already wear threadless (push-fit) jewellery!

We personally love…

Piercing Gift Guide – Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage piercings are a really fun place to buy jewellery! They tend to be versatile placements where a lot of different ends will look really cool. You can do either lots of gems and sparklies, or keep it relatively toned back!

Our recommendations are:

Thank you for reading! We will be back again next week with more piercing related awesomeness.

If you have any questions, just contact us via email or instagram! Follow us on social media to keep up to date.

See you next week!

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The Rogue Christmas Gift Guide 2023

So, last week we talked about all the information we need in order to make your body jewellery gift the best it can possibly be… So this week is the annual Rogue Gift Guide, where we’ll talk about all the different ways you can gift jewellery!

We will be breaking this up into different categories so you can find the BEST gift for your loved one… Or yourself!

Best Gifts Under £60

With a small budget, you can still do awesome gifts!

£40 – A Neometal Prong-Set Gemstone or Opal

These are probably our most popular pieces of jewellery, and you can definitely see why! Safe, implant-grade and guaranteed to sparkle for a lifetime. These Titanium pieces come in a rainbow of different colours, sizes and styles to match any personality.

Neometal Opals and Swarovski Crystals are the perfect gift for pretty much any piercing.
Opals pack such a punch of colour – From classic White Opals to rich jewel tones like these!

£50 – One piercing with implant-grade jewellery!

Give the gift of safe piercings this Christmas! You can book your friend or loved one in for a piercing with ourselves for as little as £50 including super high quality basics from Neometal, Anatometal, Inari Organics, and many other verified safe brands. Pick from any one of our four qualified and experienced piercers and benefit from a lifetime of support after the piercing as well!

A simple, safe piercing is the ultimate gift for any loved one with a passion for piercing!

£60 – A Neometal Trinity

Perfect for adding a little bit more sparkle to any piercing. We love Trinities in Philtrum piercings, lobe piercings, conches and helixes. They pack a punch whilst still being super dainty!

Trinities are so cute!

Gift Guide – Nose Piercings

Nose piercings are one of our favourite piercings to perform! The jewellery options are pretty much infinite, too! Here are our top picks for nose piercing jewellery that you can purchase in time for Christmas!

The Anatometal ‘Zia’

This item is supremely teeny tiny, and ideal for both fresh and healed nose piercings. It is made from solid 18k Gold, and carries a full lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for a unique piece that will give you a lot of sparkle in a dainty setting, then the Anatometal Zia is the one for you!

Anatometal 18k Tiny Zia

The Anatometal Zia

The BVLA Tiny Quad Bead

The BVLA Tiny Quad Bead is the perfect tiny piece for those of us who prefer a more simple piece. With no gemstones, you don’t need to worry about matching this to your existing collection – It is ready to go! At only 2mm across, this is by far the most dainty piece you can imagine!

BVLA ‘Mini Quadbead Cluster’ Threadless End

The BVLA Tiny Quad Bead

The Anatometal Hammered Disc

A true Rogue classic! These versatile pieces are excellent for all placements, but we do have a soft spot for them in nose piercings.

Anatometal Hammered Gold Disc

These are our favourite for nose piercings.

Gift Guide – Lobe Piercings

Lobe piercings are probably the place where you can get most creative! Wether you have one set, doubles, triples or more, lobe piercings are really fun to curate.

The BVLA Mini Kandy

There are SO many ways to wear a Mini Kandy. There’s a reason they are the most popular piece we stock from BVLA! With so many choices of both Gold colour and gemstones, there is a Mini Kandy for everyone!

BVLA ‘Mini Kandy’ Threadless End

Neometal Flowers

We absolutely love a Neometal Flower. Budget-friendly, and with 5 super-sparkly gemstones… What’s not to love?

Neometal Threadless 5-Gem Flower End

Perfect on their own, or in combination!

The Anatometal Tri Bead

Another absolute classic, the Anatometal Tri Bead is a super dainty, super versatile piece. If you aren’t sure if your loved one will like it… Worry not! These are universally loved and a pretty safe choice!

The cutest! Perfect in pretty much any placement.

Gift Guide – Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage piercings can sometimes benefit from a statement piece of jewellery. This is often where we love to see ‘pow’ jewellery!

The BVLA Afghan

The Afghan is a really gorgeous piece – We have two available right now! The detail on this piece is just amazing. The perfect gift if you want to treat a loved one to something truly special.

BVLA ‘Afghan’ Threadless End

Aren’t they beautiful!

The Quetzalli ‘Bound By Love

The most incredible piece! This solid naturally forming Quartz is bound in a band of solid Gold. Such a unique piece! This would look absolutely amazing in a conch piercing – Move quickly as these are limited in stock!

Quetzalli Bound By Love Threadless End

Who wouldn’t love this for Christmas!

The BVLA Mini Afghan Pear

If you’re looking for something that truly packs a punch this Holiday season, then the Afghan Pear is definitely the piece for you! This large-and-in-charge item is the perfect choice for a statement conch piercing. Available in icy White Gold, or soft and rich Oregon Sunstone… These pieces are truly special and will not last long in our cabinet!

BVLA ‘Mini Afghan Pear’ Threaded End

Gift Guide – Custom Orders

If your loved one is a little bit of a piercing fanatic, then custom ordering them jewellery for their Holiday gift is the best way to spread the love across the seasons! Although no custom orders will arrive in time for Christmas, the promise of their perfect jewellery in 2023 is definitely incredibly exciting!

You can either bring them into the studio for a Jewellery Consultation with our jewellery expert Kat, or do it all via email! Head to BVLA, Anatometal, Quetzalli, Seasons, and Dusk for ALL the inspiration. Give us a shortlist, or simply give us the vibes that your loved one will like and we can absolutely go from there!

Contact or book a jewellery consultation with them via our website!

Gift Guide – Best All-Rounders

Still not sure what to get? Unsure of your loved ones style but 99% sure they own ears? Then these are the options for you!

The BVLA Pave Disc

This super tiny simple piece would work excellently in any piercing – From lobes, to nose, to helixes, tragus, forward helix and more. If you aren’t sure – Then this is the one for you!

BVLA ‘Pave Circle’ Threadless End

The People’s Jewellery Aurora Borealis Glass Cabochon

Super cute (and budget-friendly!), these little Glass Cabochons are really adorable, and work excellently in conches, helixes, and lip piercings.

People’s Jewellery Titanium Cabochon Threadless Ends

The Anatometal Marquise Fan

A true cult classic, we think the Marquise Fan might be one of our most popular designs in the history of ever. We currently have a stock in both White and Yellow Gold, set with classic White Swarovski crystals. These could be worn excellently in traditional first lobe piercings, or in pretty much any other cartilage piercing for an abundance of sparkle. If you’re stuck on gifts… This one is pretty much a guaranteed winner.

Anatometal Mini 3 Gem Marquise Fan


Gift cards are an excllent way to guarantee perfect gifts this holiday season! You can purchase them HERE on our website for instant email delivery. Gift cards start from only £20 and you can choose the value up to over £500!

So there you have it! A veritable smorgasboard of gift ideas, for every budget! Remember – It’s not about the value of the jewellery. We can work with any and all budgets, wether they are small or endless.

It’s about giving the gift of safe piercings, which is priceless!